Freedom and Peace Excursions

We will be hosting an array of exhilarating, educational and inspirational cruises and trips to places of great significance in freedom and peace.

Normandy. Oslo. Ground Zero and the Statue of Liberty. Little Rock and Selma. From Anne Frank’s and Corrie Tenboom’s houses, to moving memorials and museums in the U.S., Europe, Asia and more.

We’ll kick it all off with what may be the trip of a lifetime: a World Peace Cruise from New York to Bermuda – with like-minded, peace-minded people invited from every nation. We’ll have stimulating and entertaining programs on world peace and freedom, ideas for creating peace in every home and community – and, of course, all the fun of a cruise to the best vacation spot in the world.

The centerpiece of Freedom and Peace excursions will be the Foundation’s presentation “A New Life: The Path To Meaning, Happiness and Peace.” Future excursions will include winners of our international freedom and peace awards and other luminaries of freedom and peace.




  • Train participants to create peace in their lives and communities.
  • Inspire them with historic sites and stories of freedom and peace around the world.
  • Spread the seeds of peace as only international travel can do.
  • Raise awareness and revenues for the Foundation.