Freedom and Peace Retreats

The Freedom and Peace Retreats begin with “A New Life: The Path To Meaning, Happiness and Peace.”

Based largely on the teachings of legendary author and psychiatrist Dr. Viktor Frankl, our “New Life” retreats will help participants renew their spirit, triumph over hardship and live with an invigorated sense of meaning and purpose.

They will learn the three ways of finding meaning in life; the three dangers of a lack of meaning; the surprisingly uplifting power of suffering with dignity; the vital role of responsibility in our lives; the last of the human freedoms, and more.

Our “New Life” retreats – just the first in a series of many – will be presented in daylong and weekend-long sessions to the public on a periodic basis in various locations around the world, and by special arrangement for governments, companies, nonprofits and other groups.



Participants will:


  • Be shown how to lead happier, more meaningful lives.
  • Be inspired to think differently about life and their relationship to it.
  • Learn the value of thinking of others first.
  • Be better family members, employees and citizens.
  • Learn how to set the best examples for peace, patience and kindness.


Proceeds from the Freedom and Peace Retreats also will help
the Foundation become self-sustaining.