World Freedom and Peace Awards

The Foundation will create the first truly grassroots global awards for contributions to freedom and world peace.

We will scour the planet, through social and traditional media, for inspiring stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things to further the causes of both freedom and peace in their communities, countries and world.

We will compile those stories over the course of each year and, with the help of our online followers, select the top three in each category, freedom and peace, for
international recognition at a gala event.

Their stories will be shared with news media throughout the world – and the best will be compiled into books published through the Freedom and Peace Foundation’s FpF World Press imprint.

The recipients of the awards also will be invited to be our guests on a subsequent World Peace Cruise – an added incentive to nominate worthy candidates – and
will share their stories in presentations on the ship, enhancing the experience for our passengers.

Our vision is for the World Freedom and Peace Awards to become the world’s most coveted, and least political, prizes for freedom and peace in the world.



The World Freedom and Peace Awards will:


  • Highlight the crucial importance of freedom and peace.
  • Spotlight heroic individuals who further freedom and peace at great risk or cost.
  • Inspire people all over the world to stand up and take action for freedom and peace.
  • Reward the winners for their noble efforts with cash prize.;
  • Spread awareness of the Freedom and Peace Foundation globally.


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