World Peace Summit

We will call a summit of the world’s leading thinkers in peace to create, and then issue, an unprecedented joint statement to the world on the pathways to peace.

This will be a worldwide event – the first in which the people, not politicians, take the reins of leadership and set a course for peace.

In the months prior to the summit, we will use traditional and social media to ask the world to pray, meditate and send their thoughts, ideas and well-wishes for the summit. People around the world also will be invited to pray and meditate during the actual summit, and to act on the summit’s recommendations, which will be spread globally.

It is, in effect, President Dwight Eisenhower’s prediction coming true – the world’s people coming together for peace.



The World Peace Summit will produce:


  • Months of dialogue, meditation and prayer beforehand.
  • A worldwide day of prayer and meditation on the day of the summit.
  • An unprecedented global focus on peace.
  • The first worldwide plan for peace.